Humanscale Roadshow

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Quick Facts

    • 11 Domestic cities
    • 1 international city
    • Over 3,000 guest impressions

Humanscale Roadshow

MGME was challenged to create an experience that travelled around the country where a diverse group of clients could experience Humanscale furniture through their own lens.

McVeigh Global partnered with Humanscale with the development and logistics of their client experience for the 2016 product line. Spanning the US and Canada in 12 different cities, MGME designed an engaging (and portable) backdrop to showcase Humanscale’s products. The dedicated MGME team worked with Humanscale’s corporate headquarters and locations in each city to coordinate details for each location.

Humanscale, a leading manufacturer of ergonomic office tools, is an innovator in social responsibility and sustainability. Sustainability is key for the Humanscale brand. MGME is a key partner in making sure their efforts are reflected in their events, leading by example and reducing their carbon footprint and reverse the environmental impacts of other on the earth.

McVeigh Global Meetings and Events provided guidance in creating recyclable/living backdrops, sustainable giveaways, venue sourcing, registration, food and beverage management, entertainment as well as, logistics and event management of all of their events.

  • Design of display backdrops & custom shipping cases
  • Venue sourcing & contract negotiation
  • Invitation communications & onsite registration
  • Food and beverage management
  • Production, photograph, entertainment and activities sourced locally for each event
  • Onsite event management, loading logistics, and production

Event Highlights

  • Customized & portable designs to unify the look in every location
  • MGME has been re-engaged to partner on an even bigger roadshow
  • Production, photograph, entertainment and activities sourced locally for each event