4 New York Music Venues for Hosting Unforgettable Events

4 New York Music Venues for Hosting Unforgettable Events

Events and live entertainment go together like peanut butter and jelly, and if you’re throwing your next event in New York City, you’re bound to have numerous music enthusiasts in the crowd.


Sprinkled across the Big Apple are countless intimate venues perfect for live entertainment, and Gothamist recently highlighted some that could be the perfect space for your next event.


  1. Cake Shop Featuring two full bars, extensive drink and menu options, and a globally-recognized performance venue, Cake Shop is the perfect private event space for up to 120 guests.


  1. Jalopy Theatre– Focused on traditional roots music from around the world, the Jalopy Theatre and School of Music stresses the importance of community arts. The venue space can be quickly transformed for parties, dances, films, and even photo shoots.


  1. Union Hall– Boasting a 5,000-square-foot bar, restaurant, and live music venue in the heart of Park Slope, Brooklyn, Union Hall is a meticulously converted warehouse that features everything from cozy fireside backdrops and stately libraries to indoor bocce courts and outdoor garden seating.


  1. Barbes– By stressing cultural variety and neighborhood warmth, Barbes’ performance space is an intimate back room that can accommodate live music, film screening, and readings.


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4 New Event Technologies Revolutionizing the Industry

4 New Event Technologies Revolutionizing the Industry

Technology is an event planner’s best friend. Harnessing technology not only bolsters an event’s design and attendee experience, but it also streamlines the entire planning process. BizBash recently highlighted a few new and updated tech tools for meetings and events.

  • EventCombois the Expedia of event planning. The program allows event attendees to purchase tickets and abundles them with other purchases relevant to the event, such as parking, merchandise, and meals from neighboring restaurants.
  • Metoo is a newly-updated, real-time polling and messaging app from Lumi. Recent updates now allow event attendees to use the system anonymously, which could boost future participation rates.
  • com’s new Event Assistant App simplifies the check-in process for both event hosts and attendees. Organizers can manually search for attendees or take advantage of voice search and a QR scanner – which can save a lot of time.
  • DoubleDutchharnesses increasingly-important event data and boasts an easy-to-use interface to track attendee behavior, so event hosts can provide personalized follow-ups.

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Technology streamlines the entire event planning process, but you still need an experienced team of planners to provide crucial insights and advice. Need a voice of reason? Partner with McVeigh Global Meetings and Events today!


6 Clients That Test the Limits of Every Event Planner

6 Clients That Test the Limits of Every Event Planner

When you’ve been in the event planning industry as long as we have, you start to notice patterns, and when it comes to identifying different types of clients it’s easy to place them in different buckets. 

Whether you’re throwing a small get together or a major corporate event, every client is different, but Event Marketing Blog recently highlighted some of the more common clients event planner come across on a daily basis. 



If you have a portfolio of satisfied clients, you’re bound to get some referral clients. However, not all referrals are created equal. Some referrals are new to the process and require extensive hand-holding, while others are seasoned veterans. Surprisingly, the latter is often harder to please because they may be set in the ways of previous planners.



Event planners need to be upbeat and exuberant individuals, but when certain clients are on the same wavelength, it can create very specific obstacles. Some overachieving clients will contact their event planners 24/7 via text, phone, and email to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.


Ideal clients

The ideal client is easy to communicate with, takes direction, and presents their own ideas and insights in a constructive manner. A successful client/event planner relationship requires trust, and the ideal client knows that their event is safe in your hands.


Promise breakers

Some clients like to say they’ll show up at a particular time, only to stroll through the door an hour late. Others agree to pay vendors on a certain date, only to show up unprepared to do so. Clients who have difficulty sticking to their word require a lot of patience.



Confused, closed-minded, and indecisive are three adjectives that perfectly describe know-nothing clients. These types of clients usually have a lot of good ideas but get lost focusing on small, insignificant details.


Picky planners

Event planners need to set boundaries with picky clients. If not, picky planners often get hung up on inconsequential details and derail your entire planning timeline. Once you get too far beyond your planning timeline, it’s very difficult to catch up. 


And of course… the grumpy ones

Grumpy clients are very pessimistic straight out of the gate and always have something to complain about without offering any solutions. Grumpy clients can be complete wild cards, complaining about everything from the venue when it’s too late to book a new one, to something as small as napkin colors.

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Soothing stress makes you a better leader

Soothing stress makes you a better leader

Even the minor stress of life’s little annoyances — traffic, long meetings and tight deadlines can take a toll on our well-being, sense of personal balance and overall effectiveness. You might wonder how that could be a concern to your management style, since you’re regularly devoting time to your leadership skills. If you’re the only one affected by those minor stresses — after all, you do your best to navigate office politics and minimize their impact on your team — what does it matter? Medical and psychological studies have shown that when we’re worn down by stress andburned out, our openness to new ideas, our ability to connect to others and even our moral judgment can be compromised. Practicing renewal techniques brings us back to a place where we can provide the kind of leadership we want to deliver; it’s not only good for us, it’s good for our teams, our jobs and everyone around us. The key to renewal isn’t just in reducing our stress at work, but also in what we do outside of our office hours. Restorative benefits come from doing those things that bring peace, calm and joy to our lives. Perhaps it seems cliché to say we need to slow down, but really, there is great rejuvenating value in pausing for a moment to take stock of our accomplishments and relish the aspects of our world that really bring us pleasure. To generate a sense of renewal in your own life, read more…